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DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I made a order back in February 02, 2012 and According to their website they will send the order Items according to the planting schedule.

Which was fine with me but I live in California which basically planting schedule is first on the list which was on March! I called to find out when are they going to send my order on March 30th and they took the funds out of my account on March 23rd. Their customer care informs me "its on its way!" Today, I called and spoke with their customer care, I get the same response! I asked how long does it take for a post delivery within U.S.

delivery? More than a month? Come on! I get my order and it looks like they went into their back yard and dug up some plant and sent it to me and charged it!

I don't even know if this plant is what I order?


Product or Service Mentioned: Gardeners Collection Plant.

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I also ordered from this place before and were happy with what I got.

I ordered some grass seed in March 2012 and have yet to receive it. The reply to my email inquiry was a stock message.

I can't find a phone number on their web site to call. Don't order from this place.

to Also Disapponted Kemp, Texas, United States #597161

I read your article and I saw where you said you were PLEASED with what you got!! Please explain????


I ordered empress trees and when they arrived they where dead, just smashed in shippment. The box was 3x the size it should have been and must have bashed around the whole way.

We also ordered grass seed, this came we planted it and waited 5 days nothing so we replanted and still nothing.

Do not buy from this company everything is a scam!

nothing is growable. dead on arrival.


I used to get good stuff from this company, but not this year. Ordered back in February, card was charged in March, and to date have not received a single thing of my order.

Several phone calls and way too many unanswered emails has not resolved anything.

Have inititated a complaint with the BBB on this company. Recommend others do as well.

Gonna have USAA do a charge back on my card. I will not order from this company again.


I'm completely disappointed. My first call was to check on arrival. The date on the computer being shipped was different from what the representative would concede to. Then was told it would be 14 to 21 BUSINESS days for shipping, not the 7 to 10 on the computer. 2nd phone call, I just said please credit my account, this isn't for me. The order has been shipped and since they are all 'seeds' everything will be fine for the shipping dates of 7 to 14 Business days. I order 5 sets of SEEDS, NOT plants. This is what it says on their web page:

We ship you husky, wilt-resistant plants at the proper planting time for your area, together with easy care instructions.

How is that SEEDS??????? Once I return the "UNOPENED' Package to an address that isn't on the box, then I will be credited my $60 something dollars back minus the shipping/handling of seeds. But, if I open the box to accept any portion of the package (including the free banana plant thank you gift) I can't be refunded. This is sad!!


I sent in 3 order with one yet to arrive. Others arrived in dead condition.

Half has had to be returned.

I'm waiting for refund or replacement. I'm not happy about the postage I've had to pay to get them returned.


I ordered from this company last year, and the PLANTS were great. I figured I'd order again this year....wrong choice!

They got my money, told me they'd send at my "correct" planting time, and then sent me $40 worth of SEEDS!!! Seeds, mind you. Not seedlings, not sets, but SEEDS with growing medium and a little "specimen" cup to grow them in. I could've bought a couple pack of seeds and a bag of soil, or peat cups locally for about $5.00.

Then I was told by the Rep that they bought out the original company, and ran out of 'live' plants.I sent this *** back and STILL waiting on a response and refund.

I'll get my can take THAT to the bank. This company is going down.

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